Read more about our scientists’ findings that MetVax can actively prevent tumor implantation, thereby blocking metastasis.

Metastatic forms of cancers remain the main cause of death in cancer patients. In this study, we demonstrate that directing a sustained antibody response towards the homotypic binding function of CEA interferes with the implantation and development of tumor foci in CEA-expressing transgenic (CEA.Tg) mice. Specifically, vaccinating CEA.Tg mice with a recombinant, altered self-form of the CEA Ig V-like N domain led to the production of circulating IgG1 and IgG2a antibodies that inhibited CEA- mediated adhesion of murine carcinoma expressing CEA (MC38.CEA) and mediated antibody-dependent lysis of tumor cells. Moreover, vaccinated CEA.Tg mice were resistant to the development of tumor nodules in the lungs and the peritoneal cavity, suggesting that mounting a focused antibody response to the CEA N domain may represent a simple therapeutic strategy to control the establishment of metastatic foci in cancer patients.